Dr Gerald Tan is highly recommended

I have been Dr Gerald Tan’s patient for about six years. At my initial consultation with Dr Gerald he assessed that the dental bridge that I had on was structurally weak, and could collapse at any time as it was not supported by dental implants. Dr Gerald explained the implant surgery process. Won over by Dr Gerald’s sincerity and his assurance that implants will guarantee stability and durability, I made up my mind there and then to commit to dental implant surgery, despite it being a multi-stage process covering a period of 9-12 months, as it was in my case.


Under the steady, skillful hands of Dr Gerald, the implant surgery involving 4 implants lasting 3 hours of cutting the gum, drilling into the bone, screwing in the titanium posts, and suturing was neither painful nor uncomfortable, during and post surgery. The only unnerving experience was hearing and feeling the sound and vibration of the drill and the titanium posts being screwed in. Throughout the surgery Dr Gerald was reassuring & periodically updated me on the progress. Following the surgery, other than swelling and bruising which lasted days, I recovered well.


Healing took about six months followed by the crown placement. Dr Gerald’s choice of ceramic for the crowns, the color, shape and size gave the prosthetic the appearance of natural teeth. The bridge fitted comfortably, well aligned with and matched well to my natural teeth.


Happy as I was with my new teeth it would have been a waste if nobody could notice them. It was Dr Gerald’s observation that my low lip line obscured my front teeth when I talked or smiled. Dr Gerald’s solution was to add length to my crowns. This little detail has made a huge difference aesthetically. By restoring my teeth Dr Gerald has also restored my self-confidence.


It has been 5 years and my dental bridge is serving me well. Apart from heading back to the clinic every quarter for cleaning, the only other maintenance is home care flossing and brushing.


Dr Gerald was highly recommended to me at a time I was searching for a dentist. At my first consultation I found Dr Gerald to be amiable and sincere. Then over the years, I found his other qualities shone through – ethical, affable, honest, and compassionate.


I highly recommend Dr Gerald to any one considering dental implant surgery. With his experience, skill, quality care, passion for implantology, and his practice’s technological advances, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Dr Gerald has his work cut out for him.


Elite Dental Group has a team of well-trained dedicated, competent and friendly staff in a clinic with a welcoming atmosphere. They genuinely and sincerely make you feel welcome. Patients’ needs and issues are efficiently and competently resolved. They deliver quality service!