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What is the Average Cost for Mini Dental Implants? (2024)

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People who are looking for an alternative to traditional dental implants would be glad to know they have another awesome option available at their disposal — mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are usually used when the space is really narrow and only a smaller implant can fit. In most cases, mini dental implants are used in place of incisors.

What are the key differences between traditional and mini dental implants?

A mini dental implant is only half the diameter of typical dental implants. In some cases, two mini implants will be needed to provide the support traditional implants can give. While this might seem like a downside, it’s not really the case. For instance, there are really cases where only a mini implant can fit within the spaces in the teeth.

Also, mini dental implants are just one piece whereas traditional dental implants are made up of two pieces. Fortunately, given that it is taken care of accordingly, mini dental implants can often last as long as traditional dental implants.

When are mini dental implants considered a good option?

A mini dental implant may be considered the best option in the following scenarios:

  • If the patient has small teeth
  • Teeth is located in a narrow space
  • Front teeth replacements
  • Premolar replacements


How small are mini dental implants?

Unlike traditional implants, mini dental implants have a diameter smaller than 3mm and is screwed into the bone. At the top of the device there is a ball-shaped protrusion designed to support dentures. Typically, the denture will come with a rubber O-ring that will slide over the ball-shaped part.

How long will mini dental implants last?

The longevity of mini dental implants will vary and will depend on numerous factors including:

  • Smoking
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Bone diseases such as osteoporosis
  • No proper implant care


How much will mini dental implants typically cost?

As expected, mini dental implants cost less than traditional implants. Typically, mini dental implants can cost between $500 and $1, 500. That’s almost half the price of traditional implants which is between $4, 000 and $5, 000.

Aside from the fact that mini dental implants are way smaller than the traditional ones, there are other reasons why it is way lesser. For starters:

The smaller screws used in mini implants are way cheaper compared to the much larger screws used for traditional dental implants.

 Most of the time, dentists won’t need to perform bone grafting even on patients with lower bone density. Of course, taking bone grafting out of the procedure would mean less money spent.

Aside from not requiring any surgery, inserting a mini implant is a lot less invasive and simpler. It is also not time-consuming. Since it requires less effort and time, it also means less money spent.

However, while mini implants are significantly cheaper, it does not mean it is in any way inferior to traditional implants. In fact, it is considered the ideal option for certain situations.

Dr. Gerald Tan