Guided Biofilm Therapy 


Guided Biofilm Therapy is the complete 360° approach to dental prophylaxis.



Incorporating superior cleaning technology with patient education and home care, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) cleans your teeth more thoroughly and gently than traditional methods like scaling and polishing (SAP). 


What is Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)?


Guided Biofilm Therapy is a process that combines patient education with guided dental cleaning. This means that the dentist is guided by the disclosed biofilm (plaque) during teeth cleaning procedures.


GBT is part of a comprehensive preventive concept to preserve your oral health and to make you feel good.


What makes Guided Biofilm Therapy unique?

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Your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening and document your mouth with photos and periodic x-rays.

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A harmless dye which physically stains plaque (soft bacterial deposits) is painted on to the surfaces of the teeth. Without the dye, early plaque is transparent or tooth-coloured, making it difficult to see.

The dye produces different colours, corresponding to areas of old plaque (high risk for gum disease) and acidic (decay-causing) plaque.

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Plaque disclosure allows you to identify areas of the mouth that you find difficult to clean well. Your dentist can provide coaching to ensure you are on top of your brushing and flossing game. The dye helps both you and your dentist ensure that complete plaque removal has occurred after GBT. 

Areas with thick plaque are at increased risk of decay and gum disease. Your dentist will use this for to make anoral health risk assessment.

Photos of your teeth before the cleaning will be taken so that improvements in your oral hygiene can be tracked. (P.S.: Parents love this feature!)

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AIRFLOW® simultaneously removes plaque (soft bacterial deposits) and surface stains. 

The AIRFLOW® handpiece uses a stream of pressurized air and water and specially-coated powder to clean the teeth, which means no direct contact with teeth or gums. Your dentist has a choice of 2 different powders depending on the amount of cleaning required.

By using the AIRFLOW®, we no longer need to use ultrasonic or hand instruments to remove plaque (biofilm). There is no need to “abrade” your teeth with rough pumice. 

AIRFLOW®  is the best choice for:

  • Anxious patients, or patients who dislike having their teeth cleaned.
  • Patients with highly sensitive teeth.
  • Patients with dental implants.
  • Patients with orthodontic braces/brackets.
  • Children.
  • Anyone who prefers a gentler, more comfortable and effective cleaning experience.
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Specialized tips for subgingival (underneath the gum line) and implant cleaning are available.

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EMS Piezon ultrasonic tips have built-in smart vibration to ensure tartar removal without damaging enamel and hurting the gums. Ultra-fine tips clean painlessly inside the gum margin.

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A post-treatment photo will be taken. Feel confident that you have experienced the best and most thorough cleaning of your life!

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Maintain your perfectly cleaned teeth by scheduling your next maintenance appointment.


In the meantime, work towards better oral hygiene with plaque disclosing tablets at home.

Why should you choose GBT today?



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Is Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) good for my teeth?


Yes, GBT is good for your teeth! It removes the dental biofilm which is the main cause for dental caries (decay), periodontal and peri-implant infections (gum disease).



Regular home oral hygiene combined with professional care keeps the biofilm under control for better oral and systemic health.



Will GBT teeth cleaning damage my teeth?


Guided Biofilm therapy is truly minimally invasive. It is safe, effective, and gentle to the teeth, soft tissues, implants, and restorations.



I have sensitivity during teeth cleaning. Is GBT painful?


It is very comfortable for you and is almost painless. If you have painful sensitive teeth and want painless dentistry, GBT is for you!



Why is the disclosing agent applied to my teeth before GBT?


A disclosing agent is applied to the teeth to expose the biofilm (plaque) on the teeth. The purpose of GBT is to remove 100% of the biofilm.



If biofilm is made visible, it is removed much faster and more effectively. What you see is what is removed.



It also helps the dentist educate you on Oral Hygiene Instructions.


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Is it normal for gums to bleed during teeth cleaning?


Yes, in case of gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease), bleeding will occur during teeth cleaning. The bleeding will stop after the GBT procedure and the gum will heal within a couple of days.



Who will be doing GBT for me?


Our hygienist, Gong Shiyun, will be doing Guided Biofilm Therapy for you. 



How long is a GBT appointment?


A GBT appointment typically lasts between 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the condition of your oral hygiene.



If you’re a first time patient to our practice, please book in a New Patient Consult with our friendly dentists for a comprehensive dental examination and x-rays prior to your GBT appointment.



Can I eat after my GBT appointment?


Avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain a white shirt (e.g. coffee, tea), no alcohol, and no smoking for 1 hour after the procedure.


What is guided biofilm therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a modern clinical protocol for professional teeth cleaning.


The dentist is guided by the disclosed biofilm (plaque) during teeth cleaning procedures.


GBT is part of a comprehensive preventive concept to preserve your oral health, educate on oral hygiene, and to make you feel good.

How many steps are there in GBT protocol?

GBT protocol has 8 steps.


1. Assessment and Infection Control.


1 minute antibacterial mouthwash is done to decrease the spread of bacteria and viruses through the aerosol. Assessment of your current oral health and hygiene will be done by your dentist.


2. Disclose


Plaque disclosing agent will be applied on all surfaces of your teeth.


3. Motivate


Photos of the disclosed plaque will be taken. Oral hygiene instruction such as brushing, flossing, interdental brushing will be taught and demonstrated. Emphasis is placed on prevention!


4. Airflow 


Removes biofilm, stains and early calculus.


5. Perioflow


Removes biofilm in deep gum pockets. Used mainly in patients with gum disease (periodontitis).


6. Piezon


Removes calculus.


7. Check


Final check of remaining biofilm and ensuring all calculus has been removed. Diagnose dental decay (caries). Fluoride application, if necessary.


8. Recall


What we at EDG prefer to call Active Maintenance. Scheduling your next GBT appointment to ensure your oral health is taken care of. 


Healthy patient = Happy patient


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What is the cost of teeth cleaning?

GBT costs between $200-250 per session depending on your current oral hygiene condition.

Is AirFlow teeth cleaning painful?

It is pain free and comfortable for patients.

Is regular dental cleaning necessary?

Yes, it is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Your dentist will be cleaning the biofilm (plaque) and calculus present on your teeth and under the gums. This reduces your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.


Regular home care combined with professional care keeps biofilm under control for better oral and systemic health.

What is AirFlow in dentistry?

AIRFLOW® removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations (fillings, crowns, veneers) and implants. Cleans and polishes in one single procedure.


It is minimally invasive and minimally abrasive.


AIRFLOW® preserves the integrity of the natural teeth, implants, restorations and soft tissues.