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Average Dental Implant Cost in Singapore (2024)

For those who are looking to replace ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth, dental implants might be recommended. This is not surprising however since dental implants offer peerless benefits that are hard to miss—comfort, function, longevity, and appearance.

However, while some are familiar with the unmatched benefits they offer, not many are familiar with dental implant cost. If you are considering dental implants, this article will give you an idea as to how much a dental implant costs in Singapore.

Understandably, the cost of implant-based restorations in Singapore can vary from one patient to another and will depend on several factors. That being said, an accurate estimate will warrant a visit to a trusted oral surgeon.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, from February 01, 2013 to January 31, 2014, non-subsidised dental implant fees can range from $1, 377 to $2, 325 per implant. Fees at private dental clinics on the other hand can take you back as much as  $800 to $5, 000.

The approximate cost mentioned above includes the implant and surgery. However, it does not cover consultation, X-ray fees, prosthesis, and other associated costs. While the figures provide an approximation of the cost, it is important to remember that it only covers the first phase of the restoration process which is the dental implant placement.


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In addition, other factors like the cost and quality of the prosthetic tooth can also affect the overall cost. Other variables that need to be taken into account include possible preparatory procedures like sinus lifts or bone grafts. In essence, dental implant cost estimates will require careful evaluation, with the patient’s individual needs, goals, and circumstances all taken into consideration.

Other notable factors that can affect implant cost in Singapore include:


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Different materials used in different phases of the dental implant procedure can definitely affect the overall cost. Contrary to popular belief however, implant brands won’t make a significant impact to the cost. If anything, the huge difference can come from preimplantation surgeries like bone grafting and the prosthesis.



The dental implant procedure itself can also significantly contribute to the overall cost. While dental implant surgery can be done under local anaesthesia, some patients might require general anaesthesia to ease their apprehensions.

Understandably, general anaesthesia or sedation can make the process a lot more comfortable and less daunting for patients. However, this level of comfort will mean additional costs as additional equipment, personnel, and drugs might be needed to ensure both comfort and safety.

While providing an accurate figure for each individual is not possible, what is clear is dental implants is considered one of the most cost-effective dental restoration alternatives available. With an average lifespan of 25 years, dental bridges will typically require replacement every 7 to 10 years. Dentures on the other hand will often need to be relined or replaced  at 5 to 10 year intervals.

Compared to other options, dental implants will require easier and less expensive maintenance, needing only brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings just like a natural tooth.

Dr. Gerald Tan