Dental Treatment Costs (2024)

Elite Dental Group believes that all patients should have a clear idea of how much dental treatments costs before visiting a clinic for treatment.


The following are a list of our common dental treatments and the cost of treatment (updated 2024). Although we try our best to be as clear in our costs as possible, there are cases where we have to provide a bigger cost range. This might be because of the following factors:



Should you require further information on our costs of dental treatment or dental financing methods, please feel free to contact our Patient Experience Specialists for more information.


Dental Treatment Costs



General Dentistry Treatment Costs


Consultation and Check-Up$100
Scaling and Polishing (Simple)Scaling and Polishing (Simple) $130 - $180
Guided Biofilm Therapy$195 - $250


Signature Treatment Costs


Dental Implants$3,500 – $6,000 (without Medisave)
Dental Veneers$800 – $1,500 (per tooth)
Biological Removal of Dental Amalgam
Biomimetic Fillings
$150 – $350
Invisalign (Simple)
$4,500 – $8,000
Braces (Ceramic) $4,100 – $6,000


Dental Implants Treatment Costs


Dental Implants$3,500 - $6,000 (before Medisave)
All-on-4 Dental Implants$17,500 - $22,500 (per arch)
Immediate Dental Implants$3,500 (before Medisave)