I have been a patient

I have been a patient of Dr Jaclyn for the last 2 years. While searching for the best dentist I found her articles and Q&A session answers in a certain website quite impressive so I decided to give her clinic a try and indeed it was the real deal. On my first year she assessed my mouth in great detail and found and fixed the issues my previous dentists never even discovered. I had a previous filling that had a hidden hard to access edge in between the teeth that bothered me for a long time and Dr Jaclyn fixed it perfectly. I also had my teeth cleaned using guided biofilm therapy. The methodology they used were pretty advanced and the way they guided my mouth during procedures was very modern my jaws never felt tired.

On my 2nd year I had another session of cleaning and had a new filling for my front lower incisors. This was a tricky one since the filling has to blend with the natural color of my teeth and has to be strong enough to be able to grab on to a tiny area unlike with molars that have a lot of space. Dr Jaclyn pulled it through perfectly. No stray indentations post polishing and my bite is back to normal and even better than before and ofcourse the filling were virtually invisible.

Looking forward for the next session. Thanks for the awesome results.