Straumann Dental Implants vs Osstem Dental Implants

Straumann Vs Osstem Dental Implants



Straumann vs Osstem dental implants


If you are interested in getting dental implants, you might have come across two dental implant brands that are used in most Singapore dental clinics – Straumann vs Osstem. 


I often receive enquiries from patients asking and insisting on a particular brand because of a few reasons: 


  • The assumption that a particular brand has higher quality implants
  • The assumption that a particular brand of implants is safer than others
  • The assumption that the cost of implants are higher or lower based on the brand used


This article aims to help you with the following: 


  • Better understand the difference between the top three dental implant brands;
  • Come to a decision on whether the brand of dental implants is important
  • Avoid costs pitfalls of selecting a dental implant based simply on cost and brand; and 
  • Form an educated decision on your treatment preferences before visiting a dental implant surgeon for a consultation.  



Is there a difference between dental implant brands?


The quick answer to your question is: Yes. There is a difference between dental implant brands. 


Beyond the varying costs, different dental implant brands have different physical sizes. Some dental implant brands are narrower while others might be wider. 


Just like a vehicle has the same function – to take you from one place to another – different types of vehicles fulfill different lifestyle needs. An off-road vehicle can be used to traverse rough terrains while a lorry can be used to transport heavy items. It would be rather difficult for a caravan to function as a cargo vehicle or a truck to be used as a taxi. In the same way, the size difference of different implant brands can impact the eventual treatment outcome depending on the placement of the tooth.


While some dental clinics might prefer the use of a singular brand for all implant cases, at Elite Dental Group, we use a combination of dental implant brands to achieve our patients’ desired outcomes based on the strengths of the brand of implant. 



Do all dental implant brands have the same durability?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to run through the entire list of dental implant brands to assess their durability. Some dentists swear by certain brands, while others prefer tweaking the use of brands based on treatment needs. 


The rule of thumb is this: If a dental implant brand has been approved by the regulatory body for commercial use, it has gone through the necessary quality and compliance checks that ensures its safety and durability. 


In Singapore, dental implant brands are required to register as a Class C medical device with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) before being allowed to distribute or sell their implants. This can be a tedious process that involves testing and quality control to ensure the safety of the product. Internationally recognised accreditation bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CE mark of Europe are used as a measure of whether a particular product has undergone the necessary laboratory and clinical trials to ascertain its safety and efficacy. 



Is the choice of dental implant brand really important? 


There are more than 150 dental implant brands that are available for patients. Some dental clinics might focus on a particular dental implant brand to explain the higher cost of treatment. Because of such pricing strategies, you might equate the cost of a dental implant brand to its superiority in quality. While it is true that certain dental implant brands cost more than others, this should not be the sole indicator of their quality and durability.


Ultimately, all dental implant products are meant to deliver similar outcomes – replace missing teeth with a permanent replacement. While there are cases where implant brands have not performed as advertised, you can be sure that dental implant brands in Singapore that have been approved to be offered in dental clinics have gone through the relevant stringent testing. 


In fact, the durability of the dental implant brand is more likely to hinge on the following factors instead:  



Instead of focusing solely on the dental implant brand used, it might be wise to ask your dentist or dental surgeon about their experience working with dental implants and the particular brand that they have recommended. 



Most common dental implant brands in Singapore


There are many dental implant brands available. To help you have a quick overview of some of the more popular ones, we have compiled a list below that have been approved for use and has a presence in Singapore. 


Approved for use in Singapore


  • Straumann 
  • Osstem (also known as Hiossen)
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Nobel Biocare (also known as Danaher)
  • Dentsply Sirona 



Straumann dental implants


Straumann dental implants come from Switzerland. They are a pioneer implantology company and a leading world leader in the development of implant systems. 


Many dental clinics in Singapore use Straumann dental implants because of their stellar reputation and implant success rates. 


Pros of Straumann Dental Implants Cons of Straumann Dental Implants
  • Reputable dental implant brand with known track record of producing high quality implants.
  • Able to be used in both front and side teeth.
  • Product range that covers almost all use cases for implant treatment. 
  • High percentage of implant success (more than 99.9%).
  • Healing of gums is faster due to reduced invasiveness.
  • Lifetime product warranty.
  • Relatively higher than average dental implant costs.


Are Straumann dental implants the best?


The quick answer to this is that Straumann dental implants are recognised as the leading brand for dental implants. Many dental clinics, including Elite Dental Group, use Straumann dental implants. You can expect high quality, standards and reliability from Straumann dental implants. 


However, the best dental implants for you should not be brand-specific. I tend to take a more rigorous approach with what dental implants are used based on the placement of your teeth. In my opinion, different dental implant brands are suitable and preferable for different replacement locations. 



Osstem dental implants


Osstem dental implants are manufactured by Osstem Implant System (South Korea). They are one of the pioneer dental implant manufacturers in South Korea and are represented in more than 70 countries internationally – one of which is Singapore. 


In my daily practice, I regularly use Osstem dental implants for immediate dental implant cases that have been indicated for suitability. 


Pros of Osstem Dental Implants Cons of Osstem Dental Implants
  • Affordable cost of dental implants.
  • High implant success rate (more than 98.8%).
  • Able to do immediate dental implants.
  • Implants might not be suitable for all bone tissue types.
  • Are usually used on less complex cases.


Straumann vs. Osstem dental implants


Straumann Dental Implants Osstem Dental Implants
Average Cost of Dental Implant Surgery  $5,000 – $7,500 $2,500 – $4,500
Country of Manufacture Switzerland South Korea
Implant Design Surface promotes faster and better bone union Surface has different coatings for different functions.
Implant Materials Patented Roxolid alloy is used to produce dental implants (85% titanium and 15% alloy).  Made of pure titanium metal.
Key Features Manufactured from materials that are biocompatible with human tissue.  Able to accommodate a wide range of gaps. 


What is a good dental implant brand?


This article covers the key differences between Straumann and Osstem dental implants, but you might wonder: How about the other implant brands? What is a good implant brand and how will I know? 


A good implant brand has been approved by the regulatory authorities and has been indicated by the dentist to be able to fit your treatment needs. It must also be able to fulfill the three main criterion: 



  • Is the dental implant brand safe for short and long term use?
  • Does the dental implant brand have clinically verified studies? 
  • Are the materials safe and suitable for use in the mouth?



  • Is the dental implant brand going to be able to fit or fill the gap? 
  • How long does it take for the gums to heal around the implant? 



  • Will the dental implant brand be resilient to impact?
  • How long can the dental implant brand last based on past clinical studies? 


For dental implant surgeons like myself, we consider a dental implant brand satisfactory if the implant fulfills the following: 


Ease of use

The dental implant is easily placed and assembled during implant surgery. There are some brands that might be easier to fit than others. 



One of the most critical aspects of dental implant surgery is osseointegration. This is when the bone fuses with the implant to secure it in place. There are some brands that support faster healing post-surgery and others that do not. 



Most dental implant manufacturers use titanium which is silver in appearance. However, there is a growing number of manufacturers who use zirconia in place of titanium. Zirconia is white in color. 


Can I choose my preferred brand of dental implant? 


While I advocate for patients to have complete autonomy over their treatment preferences, your dentist probably knows best when it comes to the brand of dental implant that should be used. Should you wish to find out more about the rationale behind his or her choice of implant brand, here are some questions that can get you started. 


Questions you can ask your dentist about your dental implant brand used:
  • Does this dental implant brand contain metal compounds?
  • Why does your clinic use this particular brand of implants? 
  • Does this implant support immediate dental implants treatment? 
  • Is the dental implant success rate backed up by clinical research?
  • Is this dental implant brand a fusion-friendly implant? 




I hope that this article will be able to guide you to make an informed decision on your dental implants and why the brand of the implant should not be the only criteria in your decision making process. 




Dr Gerald Tan is the founder and managing director of Elite Dental Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry and has served more than 1000 patients for dental implants treatment. He believes that dental implants is able to restore the smile and confidence of a patient, but does not believe that it should be a default treatment for everyone. His priorities lie in being able to ensure the safety and well-being of a patient. 

Dr. Gerald Tan