dental implant surgeon in Singapore

What Determines the Cost of Dental Implants in Singapore?

dental implant surgeon in Singapore

Many clinics all over the island offer dental implant surgery as a treatment option, from the smaller clinics in the suburbs, to the big group practices in town and finally the government institutions like the National Dental Centre.

Before worrying about the cost of dental implants, it is recommended that you first look for a caring, honest, and experienced dentist from a reputable clinic that charges a fair fee for good service as a good point to start. 

If the patient’s case is complicated, you can always see someone more experienced later on, but it’s fair to expect to pay more then. It is unfair to say that one brand of dental implant is better than another brand. 

All brands of dental implants available in Singapore have passed through strict HSA regulatory checks and are safe to use. There are pros and cons to every implant brand available and some dental surgeons prefer to use one brand better than another for various reasons. 

However, it does not mean that the most expensive implant brand is the best for all clinical situations and conversely, it does not mean also that the cheapest implant brands are automatically lousy for all clinical situations.

It is more important that you find a good dentist that is able to diagnose the problem accurately and to be able to indicate several treatment options for the patient to make an informed choice. 

If the patient eventually chooses to get dental implants done, a good dentist should be able to recommend the correct type and brand of dental implant that would work best in the patient’s unique situation.

How Much Does Medisave Cover for Dental Implants?

You can usually claim up to $1250 in Medisave for one dental implant, subject to a maximum of $7500 for 8 implants. No dentist can guarantee the success of any Medisave claim. We can only submit the request, but the final claimable amount is still subject to approval by MOH. 

The dentist has no control and no say over the final amount that will be reimbursed, and each claim submission will be assessed by MOH officials. From time to time, MOH may at their discretion change the Medisave claim rules and regulations and this is also beyond the control of any dentist.

To make a Medisave claim, just bring along your Singaporean Identity Card to prove that you are a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident. The clinic staff will do the rest, including submitting all the necessary paperwork. Medisave can only be used for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs.




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