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Your Quick Guide to Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is the procedure done to relieve dental pain and save the teeth at the same time. A type of endodontic treatment, root canal treatment is typically done when there is an inflammation or infection in the roots of the tooth.

During root canal treatment, the pulp inside the tooth is removed carefully. After that, the tooth is cleaned, disinfected, and a filling is placed to seal the space.


When is root canal treatment necessary?

Root canal treatment is considered the best option when the pulp (the soft tissue found inside the root canal) becomes infected or inflamed. Root canal treatment is also the recommended treatment when:

  • You have a deep decay
  • There have been repeated dental procedures done on your tooth
  • You have a faulty crown
  • You have a chip or crack in your tooth


In addition, even if there is no visible cracks or tooth damage, an injury to the tooth may also cause significant damage to the pulp. When pulp infection or inflammation is left untreated, it might not only cause pain but may also result to abscess.

While there are several clinical reasons why root canal treatment is a good option, there are also many practical reasons why it is considered a wise choice. For starters, root canal treatment can help maintain your natural smile, allows you to eat the foods you love, and minimises the need for additional dental work.

Taken care of accordingly, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can last a lifetime.


Root Canal vs. Pulling the Tooth | Elite Dental Group

Root Canal vs. Pulling the Tooth | Elite Dental Group

What are the amazing benefits of root canal treatment?

With new and breakthrough developments in both technology and dental techniques, root canal treatment has become virtually painless nowadays. In fact, some report less discomfort during recovery from root canal treatment compared to teeth extraction.

During root canal treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp is removed. The inside of the affected tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is then filled and sealed after. The tooth is often restored with a crown for protection. The teeth will continue to function just like any of the other natural ones.

While root canal treatment has several peerless benefits, some of the most notable ones include:

  • Cost-effective and efficient

Not everyone may be aware of it but tooth extraction can sometimes take much longer than root canal treatment. For starters, the former can require several follow up appointments for bridge, implant, or denture.

Understandably, the cost can also be significantly higher as well. In addition, many dental insurance plans often cover endodontic procedures like root canal treatment.

  • Virtually pain-free

As mentioned earlier, root canal has become virtually painless nowadays thanks to modern dental advancements and techniques. Patients who have also undergone root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe the procedure as painless compared to those who have had their teeth extracted.

  • Aesthetically appealing

Root canal treatment can do more than just preserve the natural tooth. The crown placed on the tooth to help preserve it can also help ensure it functions just like the natural teeth and looks just as great too.

Dr. Gerald Tan