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Elite Dental Group disrupts the dental industry by being the first and only* clinic in Singapore to adopt “SmileMate” Tele-Dentistry, driven by Dental A.I Technology with no consultation fee

Singapore, 30 March 2020 – Elite Dental Group is the first in Singapore to adopt a cutting edge Dental Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology called “SmileMate”, created by Dental Monitoring, a Dental Technology and AI-based company headquartered in Paris, France, addressing the needs of patients who have dental anxiety and dental professionals alike, for the provision of remote and virtual general dental consultation services to such patients.

dr tan3 | Elite Dental Group

DR GERALD TAN, Founder of Elite Dental Group hosts a professional consult on a patient as a result from the remote dental consult

General dental information will be given to the potential patient and the attending dental surgeon could encourage the potential patient to seek a professional consultation at a dental practice, where proper professional dental opinions will be given. No consultation fee will be collected from this remote dental consultation.

Spearheaded by Dr. Gerald Tan, Elite Dental Group is excited to be a pioneer in this revolutionary and disruptive breakthrough in the dental industry, as many patients have been concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing containment measures taken by governments worldwide.

Patients who have dental anxiety can finally get a dental consultation done with general dental advice given by a dental professional without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This Dental AI technology has far reaching implications for dental insurance, health screening and making dentistry accessible to more people than ever before.

With fully digitised clinical and treatment processes such as computer guided dental implant surgery, Elite Dental Group believes that the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence can help bring convenience and accessibility to everyone, with lowered costs and more efficient treatment, resulting in an improved and outstanding patient experience.

“SmileMate” Remote Dental Consultation from Dental Monitoring is an emerging Dental technology and AI driven solution to help dental patients to remotely keep their dental health in check in these unprecedented times. With “Smilemate”, patients can remotely obtain general dental information about the current state of their dental health to ensure to maintain their sparkle and can then decide for themselves on when they should see their dentist for a more in-depth professional examination, consultation and treatment, especially if they feel that their dental issues may need urgent attention.

Afterall, one’s smile and teeth is the prettiest thing you’ll ever wear. Preventive dental care will always play a crucial role in minimizing silent dental conditions progressing to painful and complex dental emergencies, which can be expensive and difficult to treat.


The process of having a “SmileMate” virtual dental consultation is simple:

Step 1- The dental surgeon simply installs a “SmileMate” widget on his or her dental practice website. Any potential patient who is interested in a virtual dental consultation can click on the widget, and this creates a unique online profile. The patient then takes five intra-oral pictures on his or her smartphone and submits the dental images to the SmileMate AI Engine . There is no need for patients to download any Application or use a Scanner, cheek retractors or any other equipment. All they need is a smartphone and bright lighting.

Step 2- A comprehensive customized dental report is automatically generated within 10 minutes by the SmileMate AI engine and sent to the attending dental surgeon. The SmileMate AI engine compares the submitted dental images with its internal database of millions of oral scans and images . AI Algorithms then determine the patient’s current oral condition in a dental report. The dental report contains general information about the current state of health of the patients teeth, gums and bite alignment.

Step 3- The dental surgeon then has a look at the submitted intra-oral images and AI generated dental report. Using his or her experience, an assessment can be made on the accuracy of the report.

Step 4- The dental surgeon then personalizes the dental report with pertinent general dental information regarding the patient’s current dental health, before sharing this information with the patient. The dental surgeon will then advise on the need for a proper professional dental appointment at a dental practice.



About Elite Dental Group (www.elitedental.com.sg)

Elite Dental Group was founded in 2013 with a purpose: to change the negative image of dentistry. Elite Dental Group is a modern holistic oral care center dedicated in the business of quality oral care and cosmetic dentistry with its key practice mandate to ensure all their specialists are continuously upgrading their skills by attending advanced training around the world and be in the know of the latest technological advancements. The group aims to provide a comprehensive range of general and specialist dental treatment, all under one roof to give  patients well-rounded care.


About Dental Monitoring (www.dental-monitoring.com)

Founded in 2015 by Philippe Salah, Dental Monitoring is the first AI-based company addressing the dental market. The DM software suite is designed to address the needs of dental professionals all along the patient journey: before treatment to increase the patient’s engagement, during treatment to improve the quality of care provided by the dental professionals, and after treatment to ensure the stability of the treatment outcome. The company operates in Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific. It employs around 250 employees across its five offices located in Paris, Austin, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. SmileMate is a subsidiary of Dental Monitoring (https://www.smilemate.com).

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