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When Is Getting Dental Implants Recommended?

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No two patients are ever alike. A better assessment of the teeth after a proper thorough consultation with your trusted dentist should be done before landing on an answer. 

With that said, let’s say you have lost 3 teeth at a relatively young age. It is not common and quite unusual for a young adult to have lost 3 teeth unless the tooth loss was a result of an accident or trauma.

Many dentists would start by digging deep to find out why this is so, before even considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. For example, if you lost teeth due to rampant decay, severe gum disease, or fractured your teeth due to severe bruxism, your dentist will likely recommend that these potential underlying causes of tooth loss are addressed thoroughly first.

Otherwise, you might be in a cycle of uncontrolled dental disease or occlusal trauma that would cause more of your teeth to be lost in the future, thereby needing even more implants when that happens. Those are the most important factors to consider.

Moving forward, when your dental health is stable and well controlled, it is reassuring to know you have access to the digital technology, know-how, and science to predictably replace your missing teeth with dental implants: to restore balance to your bite and the aesthetics of your smile.

Local factors like bone density, quality and thickness will be assessed and the surgery planned for easily. You just have to find a dental surgeon that you trust that has plenty of experience in dental implant surgery, and who has your best interests at heart.

Good Candidates for Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. However, they are certainly not for everyone. There is a long list of indications and contraindications for dental implants.

In a generally healthy person with no systemic medical problems or relevant medical history, below are some common issues that might prevent you from being suitable to get dental implants done immediately:

  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Untreated gum disease
  • Severe bone and/or gum loss around the area planned for dental implants
  • Severe tooth grinding/bruxism
  • Severe wear of remaining teeth
  • Having an imbalanced bite with teeth that are poorly aligned
  • Dental anxiety or fear
  • Having a limited mouth opening
  • Lacking awareness of the alternatives to dental implants
  • Lacking research on the best dentist to go to for dental implants with the correct training and experience
  • Having a limited dental budget

The short list above represents some of the factors, concerns and issues that you would have to consider before getting dental implants.

Dental Implants and Your Wisdom Tooth

Some patients are wondering if it’s okay to get immediate dental implants to replace their wisdom tooth. While this is very rare, it is possible. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because they are impacted. However, in some cases, wisdom teeth grow up straight just like any other tooth so dental implants are considered an option.






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