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Adult Baby Teeth Replacement With Dental Implants

There are times when keeping your adult baby teeth can be a better health decision. 

This is especially so when the tooth and root are structurally sound. 

Dental implants are meant to be long-term solutions for lost or missing teeth. 

If you are experiencing loose adult baby teeth, you might be considering dental implants to replace them. 

If that is so, read on to find out whether it is a suitable procedure for you. 


Replacing adult baby teeth


When one or more teeth are missing or have gaps, it can be difficult to chew and pronounce words. Adults with deciduous teeth (baby teeth) can experience this. 


When do permanent teeth come in?


Adults who have baby teeth are most likely to lose their remaining baby teeth between the ages 20 and 45. 

When the baby teeth have not fallen out during that age range, you might want to replace them with a more durable replacement such as a dental implant.


Replacement reasons


It is advisable to replace your baby teeth with a dental implant under the following circumstances: 

  • It is badly decayed.
  • It is very loose.
  • It is falling out. 
  • It is cracked, damaged, or badly worn down.
  • It is affecting the way you smile and does not look pleasing to you.
  • Dental x-rays reveal an infection around the roots of the baby tooth or root resorption.

But having said that, many of my patients have had baby teeth in their mouth well into their adulthood. Many of these patients have also not needed any extractions. 

We always recommend a treatment plan based on a case-by-case assessment. 




Adults with baby teeth can have baby teeth fused to the jaw bone. This can make your teeth look submerged in comparison to your adult teeth. 

Baby teeth that are fused (ankylosis) can be hard to extract. 

If the quality of your life is being affected by your adult baby teeth, it is best to seek help with a dentist.

How dental implants replace adult baby teeth?


If you have adult baby teeth, dental implants treatment allows for the most stable solution that will last for a long time. 


Common baby teeth in adults


The most common adult baby tooth missing is the lateral incisor. This is also known as the upper front tooth. 

The second common tooth is the premolar. 


Implant procedure


You might require a bone grafting procedure to build volume where the dental implant will be placed. 

During the procedure, a dental implant will be placed in the space of the missing tooth with a prosthetic root holding it in place. This allows you to eat, speak and smile confidently. 


Mini dental implants


There are instances where traditional dental implants can not be used. This can happen if the child has tissue deficiencies or if the gap is near a sensitive nerve.

When traditional dental implants are not usable, mini dental implants are used. 

Although shorter in length, mini dental implants are as durable as traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants can also allay the need for bone augmentation procedures.


Baby teeth replacement eligibility


Good health


To qualify for dental implants, it is important to be in good overall oral health and health. Chronic diseases like diabetes can affect your eligibility for dental implants. 


Age suitability


Girls younger than 19 years old and boys under 21 years old should avoid dental implant procedures. This is because bone growth is not completed in each respective gender. 

Rushing to install an implant prematurely can stop jaw growth and prevent other teeth from growing. 


Implant Alternatives


There are other options like braces, bridges or dentures that can be equally effective at closing the gap between missing teeth. 

To find out whether there are other options for your baby teeth, it is best to consult with an experienced dentist. 



Dental implants are a perfectly safe and effective way to replace missing adult baby teeth. 

Patients often tell me post-treatment that they feel more comfortable with their improved looks as it increases their self-image.

To ensure that replacing your adult baby teeth is a smooth process, make sure that you find out all details of your treatment plan and diagnosis. 

Should you require a look at your adult baby teeth, schedule a consultation with me to receive recommendations that are tailored to your condition.

Dr. Gerald Tan