What Is The Best Dental Clinic In Singapore? (2024)

If you are a patient, you might be curious to know what is the best dental clinic in Singapore? 

This is a fantastic question! 



There are many good dental clinics in Singapore. 

As a dentist in Singapore, I am proud to see that our city is home to so many dental clinics that are experts in what they do. 



Dental Clinics In Singapore


If you are looking for a dental clinic in Singapore, you would have noticed that most dental clinics in Singapore have the following: 



If all clinics have similar characteristics and services, how do you know which clinic is the best? 



In our honest opinion, there is no such thing as the best dental clinic. What is right for others might not be right for you. 

While some patients prefer a detailed and customised treatment plan, others might prefer a quick and fast dental option that meets their budget. 

Depending on what you prefer, there are pros and cons to having a detailed consultation and an express consultation. 



So how do you choose a dental clinic that is right for you and best for your dental needs? 



Choosing A Good Dental Clinic For Your Dental Needs


Choosing a good dental clinic does not have to be difficult. It is possible to use the following criterion and questions to arrive at a trusted clinic that is best for your dental needs. 


We have attached a printable checklist at the end of this article to assist you on your search for the most suitable dental clinic in Singapore. 


Doctors Qualifications


  • How many years of experience does the doctor have in that relevant field? 
  • Does the doctor have testimonials that showcase his skillsets? 
  • Does the doctor come highly recommended by friends and family? 
  • Does the doctor have a stellar reputation in his field? 


Treatment Experience


  • Is the doctor a ‘generalist’ or specialises in a particular treatment?
  • How many treatments have the doctor completed? 
  • Does the doctor have previous case studies of the treatment? 
  • Are you satisfied with the results of the case studies shown? 
  • Has the doctor offered treatment alternatives to give you a bigger picture of your options?


Doctor Bedside Manner


  • Does your doctor have a good bedside manner? 
  • Does your doctor take time to explain and run through your condition and possible treatments? 
  • Does your doctor care about your treatment expectations and outcomes? 


Comfort Level with Your Doctor


  • Are you comfortable with your doctor? 
  • Are you able to communicate well with your doctor? 
  • Does your doctor put you at ease for long-term treatment? 




  • Is the dental clinic located in an accessible location? 
  • How far is the dental clinic from your residence?


Budget and Dental Financing Options


  • Are the costs of treatment transparent? 
  • Does the treatment costs fit into your budget? 
  • Is the dental clinic able to offer financing options to help extend your budget? 




  • Are you fully aware of the costs, treatment plan and treatment duration? 
  • Are you ready to commit to the treatment plan suggested? 


The 5-Star Dental Clinic Checklist


Relevant doctor qualifications
Relevant treatment experience 
Has a reputation of being ethical and trustworthy
Positive and patient attitude
Good bedside manner
High comfort levels with doctor
Clear consultation process
Detailed consultation process
Warm and welcoming clinic staff
Clean and sanitised environment
Convenient access 
Budget and Financing
Transparent treatment fees 
Meets your budget expectations
Offers a wide variety of financing plans (optional)
Clear pre-consultation information provided
Educated clinic patient coordinator
Provides sedation options for pain
Provides timely updates and reminders 


Interested in booking an appointment with a trusted dental clinic? Make an appointment with our Patient Experience Specialists.

Dr. Gerald Tan